Youth Group Programs

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Youth Group Programs

Offering a wide selection of programs for youth groups.

The Connecticut Museum of Culture and History offers a selection of hands-on, interactive programs for  youth groups.  All of our school programs can be adapted to fit your scout or youth group’s needs.

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact Katerina Mazzacane, Youth & Family Programs Manager, at or call (860) 236-5621 x222.

Youth Group Programs

Program Length: 1hr 15min
Cost: $150 per program, plus round trip mileage from the Connecticut Museum at $0.60 per mile

Colonial Kids

Recommended ages 5-7

Through reproduction objects and hands-on activities, explore daily life in colonial Connecticut. Compare and contrast your lives to those of colonial children while learning about both work and play. Make a reproduction “hornbook,” examine clothing, try out daily chores, and enjoy playing with reproduction colonial-era toys.

Characters from Colonial Connecticut

Recommended ages 8-10

Work in teams to learn about a character from colonial Connecticut, such as a tinsmith, tavern keeper, Patriot soldier, enslaved person, or Woodland Indian trader. Explore one “identity box,” through handling reproduction artifacts, practicing close observation skills, and completing a series of activities related to the character’s life.

On the Move: Immigration and Migration to Connecticut

Recommended ages 9-12

Explore a variety of 20th century stories about moving to Connecticut. Play an introductory game of chance that looks at the difficult choices and conditions faced by immigrants throughout history. Then work in teams to examine artifacts from “immigration trunks” and uncover many different family stories about moving to Connecticut.

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